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Welcome to Colored Pencil Info! We are an online Colored Pencil information site. We provide information and color charts for artist quality colored pencils.
Interested in Holbein Colored Pencils? Please see the Holbein section for information about ordering open stock from Japan.

Faber-Castell has a new size available in their fabulous water-soluble pencils, the Albrecht Durer line. The pencils are called Magnus, because they are much larger in diameter than their regular line. The cores are 5.3 mm, which makes them great to cover a lot of paper fast, for example with a background. They come in 24 colors, open stock or in sets.

We are in the process of redoing all of our color charts and updating information. Our color charts are hand made, using our own templates. They are done on Stonehenge paper. For most oil-based pencils, burnishing is done with a Lyra Rembrandt-Spender. For wax-based pencils, burnishing is done with a Prismacolor blender. For Water-Soluble pencils, blending is done with a damp (not wet) brush and water. See color charts for the type of colored pencil you are interested in by located it under the brand name to the left!

You can get sheet protectors in any office supply store. Slip your color charts into those, and organize in a 3-ring binder. This will keep your charts handy, and protected from light and cups of coffee!

We are in the process of rating our pencils with a conventional 5 star rating. Here is what our ratings mean.
We look at Lightfastness, pigments, pigment to fillers, and how well the pencil layers. For water-solubles this includes how well the pigments dissolve. Our ratings come about from the pencils quality, pigment load to binders, selection, and performance, not how inexpensive they are, or how beautiful the packaging (although if the packaging is poor, we will tell you that, because you will need to find something else to put your pencils in). We never over-rate pencils and tell you there are 'no issues' with a pencil in order to just get you to buy that pencil (so look out for review sites that are really just add farms hooked into a marketplace). Extra points are given to those few companies who care enough about their product to let their consumers know about the lightfastness and the pigments in the pencils. Almost every other fine art material lets you know their pigments. Except colored penils. Some companies just say it is a 'secret' because they don't want to bother, and don't think colored pencil artists are professional artists who care about their pigments.
Our ChartShop contains pdf downloads of out newest color charts, both blank and pre-colored! These are a few examples. Download links will be sent via email as soon as you order one. Please check your SPAM email if you did not get a link, and email us if there is an issue! We have the blank Chart ready for you to color for Prismacolors- 150 set and Inktense- 72 set. Also Caran d'Ache Pablos. If you buy them, you can post a small sample to write about them, but they are designed for your own personal use. Please do not re-distribute them or reproduct them, they are copyright protected.
Derwent Inktense 72 Color Chart

Check out the brand new stacking Pencil Trays that Robax Engineering made! Now you can get your Prismacolors out of the flimsy trays that you have to juggle all over the place, and onto your desk, where you can easily see and use them! These are great because each tray holds 30 pencils, and they stack in a manner that allows you to very easily see the tray that is below. Get 5 trays to hold all your Prismas, or 4 for a full set of Faber-Castells or Caran d'Ache Colored Pencils. While at Robax, check out their PalettePads! They are by far the very best drawing surface for colored pencils ever made!